Coloring professionals at your service

Whether you want to maintain your color, add intensity to your natural color or change it radically, our team of colorists is there to help you make the right choice, taking into account your hair type, eye color, skin tone, personality and lifestyle.

That’s why we always offer a consultation before each hair coloring session to determine, with you, the color or coloring technique that will suit you best.

La Coupe’s colorists are exclusively dedicated to coloring techniques: an additional guarantee that your color will be done by an expert.

An intense and luminous color that lasts

Hair coloring techniques and products have evolved a lot, thanks to additives such as LA BIOSTHETIQUE Paris or ORIBE, no more dry and brittle hair! La Coupe Salon & Spa uses professional products that do not attack the hair and give it hold, shine and natural shine.

There are also several coloring techniques to achieve the effect you are looking for. During the consultation, our colorists will also help you determine which one is most appropriate. This can include :

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Taking your skin tone into account when choosing your color will ensure a natural look. If you have dark skin, dark colors will suit you like a glove, while light colors will be perfect for you if you have fair skin.

Unlike traditional hair coloring, balayage treats only a portion of the hair. Unlike highlights, the effect of balayage is lighter, more natural and discreet, as the fine colored strands blend harmoniously with the rest of the hair without a pronounced demarcation effect.

It is important to know that highlights require more maintenance than balayage to prevent them from becoming too visible. That’s why it’s important to get advice from our experts so you can decide if this type of coloring is right for your beauty habits.

The headline of all fashion magazines, the ombré illuminates your hair and gives it relief.
However, there are several techniques for different effects.
The effect can be very gradated, even melted, for a more natural version or even more subtle, with a more melted gradation that starts closer to the roots or you can opt for a more sliced effect, with a demarcation between the color of the ends and those of the roots more clear and visible.

The babylights are carefully placed, delicate highlights used to create a beautiful, sunny effect on your client’s hair.

The process of applying babylights is similar to traditional highlights, the main difference being the amount of hair in each paper, as well as the separation between papers. Small pieces of hair are lightened with only a slight separation between the papers to ensure that the highlights blend smoothly with the base color.

The end result is a subtle, yet dimensional look reminiscent of the natural highlights you might have had as a child after long summer days spent playing in the sun.

Choosing your coloring

Whether you are new to the world of hair coloring or already a fan, our colorists are here to answer all your questions and offer you personalized solutions, classic colors or new trends and advice on how to maintain your hair color.

The ideal color and satisfied customers

Our objective is above all your satisfaction, which is why we offer you a preliminary consultation, before any coloring, in order to propose the color and shades best suited to your skin tone, your hair and your style.